Asset Management

In addition to real estate development, Highland Partners Group has also provided Asset Management services to some of the nation’s largest lenders, including JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America. The services that we provide include the following:
  • All-inclusive management of existing projects. We will manage all third-party consultants, construction and sales staff in order to successfully retain the value of the Asset.
  • Valuation and Due Diligence Reports
  • Pre-foreclosure studies and analysis
  • Sales of existing subdivision inventory and/or bulk lot sales
  • Coordinating compliance with SWIPP, as well as monitoring of BMP’s, record-keeping, and inspections required by Regional Water Quality Control Board.
  • Preservation of permits and other project entitlements
  • Weekly inspection services
  • Maintenance of models and standing inventory
  • Pro-Forma and budget preparation
  • Conversion of sales offices and completion of standing inventory
  • Competitive Market Surveys
  • Contract Administration
  • Management of sales personnel and escrow closings
  • Point of contact and management of all matters associated with the neighborhood, HOA, and City concerns.
  • Lien dispute resolution and bond reductions

When we first look to work on a project – before even beginning the management and/or disposition process – we carefully research the existing conditions of the site, the existing infrastructure of management, and market conditions in the surrounding area. We also study zoning laws, conditions of approval and meet with the various regulatory bodies in order to obtain a comprehensive view of existing conditions.

Our thorough examination streamlines the in-house feasibility study, making it much smoother and faster to deliver recommendations to our clients. This can lessen the stress on Banks and allow for a quicker and more appropriate response to the needs at hand.

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